Papa's Donuteria
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ToadBrawlerSSB4 ShadeOf Pinks

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ToadBrawlerSSB4 Gaming

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November 28th, 2014


ToadBrawlerSSB4 (filming, editing)

Papa's Donuteria is an indie game for the PC, and a game played on ToadBrawlerSSB4's gaming channel.

Game Info Edit

In this game, you serve customers donuts. You get points based on how good you do and stuff. You can also customize your character, customize your shop, play minigames, etc.

Episode Info Edit

In the episode, ToadBrawlerSSB4 and ShadeOf Pinks play Papa's Donuteria for the PC. They serve customers with a crappy mexican character, sing Let It Go, and play a minigame.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first game played on the series ToadBrawlerSSB4 Gaming.
  • This game was meant to have its own series, but that was later cancelled when the game finished at one episode.