ShadeOf Pinks
A picture of her favourite Littlest Pet Shop.


ShadeOfPinks, ShadeOf Pinks, Doggy161, etc



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July 1st, 2014



ShadeOf Pinks is a human gal.

Channel Backstory Edit

ShadeOf Pinks made her channel on July 1st, 2014 because ToadBrawlerSSB4 had one. Her first video uploaded was a plush video, She makes videos with her brother, ToadBrawlerSSB4.

Okay, move over, I'm taking over now!

Hi guys, I'm ShadeOf Pinks, and this is MY page now! I make LPS videos, a series called "Stuffed Mario Adventures", and some upcoming FNAF theories (For those of you who don't know, FNAF is the indie game Five Nights At Freddy's)! My current series are:

*Random videos

*Stuffed Mario Adventures or SMA

*LPS High School (cancelled? I'm not sure yet.)

My first video, mentioned up there, is "Stuffed Mario Adventures: Roller Racerz". Want more about me?

Trivia Edit

  • When I was little, I always wanted my YouTube channel name to be Doggy161, therefore it is in my nicknames.
  • I actually got ShadeOf Pinks from one of Toad's old Algicostlathon thingies, where he made fake YouTubers to make the characters.
  • I enjoy Japanese media, such as their commercials, anime, and manga! My favourite manga is Pokemon Adventures, and my favourite anime is Fairy Tail.
  • My favourite game is Five Nights At Freddy's 2, of which my favourite character is the Mangle.
  • My favourite game system is the PS3.
  • Over all, I like animals and pets. My pets are a dog, Zora, and a mouse, Hamm.
  • I have made plenty of deleted videos, including one from before my first video.
  • My deleted videos are all SMA, they include "Luigi's House Party", "Peach Gets A Goomba" and "Toad And Bowser Go On An Adventure".
  • I was inspired to make videos by BigYoshiFan and LPSlover, NOT ToadBrawlerSSB4.